Featured Cover Photo : “Sunrise over Stillman” by Osama Farqaleet

I decided to choose this picture specifically as the cover photo of Icarus for several reasons. The horizon is not only significant to the story of the Greek myth Icarus, but the horizon signifies adventure, exploration, and absolute joy. The rays of the sun captured spanning out in an X, the intensity of the clouds, and the contrast from the sunrise against the trees make this photo unique and awe inspiring.

“Writing and photography are definitely a very strong tool for me to express myself and both have their own place. I write about things that I cannot take pictures of and use my words to paint for others what they may have not seen or didn’t get to see the same way I did. It’s about sharing and creating mutual understanding. Photography is seeing the same things differently and it’s to show that how each person has their own perspective on everything which is shaped by their life experiences and journey. I have taken over 10-15 pictures of sunrise over Stillman field and no two are alike which is another aspect of photography I love. It shows me how my own perspective and things around me change on a daily basis and how beautiful it is to learn and explore about things and people that are with us every day but we don’t bother to pay attention to.”

 I admire Osama’s work and more so after talking to him about his journey through life taking photographs. We often pass these sunrises day in and day out. The habit to stop and appreciate the beauty of nature and simply experience a new day coming to surface is often difficult. We get caught up in our busy lives or can’t make it out of bed.

But I would like to reiterate what Osama said, every sunrise is different.

Every day is a new chance.

Every day is a new chance to be the day your defy your limitations and fly.