“Today I Decided to Kill Myself…” by Hunter Parnell

So, I woke up and made my favorite kind of meal,

Two eggs, toast, and a tall glass of juice to set me on my way

How do you think I should go about and seal the final deal?

Perhaps best to kiss my wife and kids, leave them with “Have a Nice Day”

A short stroll to the car, the same old beater that’s hung on for years

All the time of driving the same withering roads has grinded down the gears

Yet the car keeps moving, a mile at a time, long after the wheels lost their shine

The spot I’ve had for years waits empty, inviting and secure

If you look close enough, the shadow of my presence looms rife between the lines

A saunter into work, and there it sits, my four by four oasis

The boss walks by saying hello and touching the daily basis

The worker bees were keeping the hive humming, and this he must insure

An easy enough job, calling around the world pawing off cases and cases

Of the items people need only on a temporary basis

For eight hours I sit, following my script, nothing on the radar, not a single blip

Naught to show me how my world has changed

In the ten plus years I happily remained locked in my corporate cage

Gently, the sun creeps down the soft November sky

As I pull back in my driveway, and I reach the end of this page

Surprised I’m sure you are, assuming the title was a lie

I decided today I would die

So I did the same thing I have for ten years, my routine has never changed

What better way to wilt away

Then by standing in a flood as the water dances around me

What better way to die tomorrow

Than by doing what I did today?