“Taking Back Myself” by Noelle Heiser


As wild is my hair,

My will to succeed overwhelms me.

I regain what he almost took from me.

I will help those who came before me and fight for those who come after.

Within the fire that rests in flames,

Simmering among my curls,

I will remain.


It bleeds and bleeds to keep me going.

How wonderful a juxtaposition,

That your heart must completely empty to fill your body.

As it bleeds, my infectious energy radiates.

I, too, will empty to be filled again.


Society condemns the hair that covers you,

As it shames the things that were done to you.

We will heal together,

And through the dark that it you,

I will release the idea that my sex is taboo.


Catch after catch,

When I fall you are there.

Solid but scarred, you are steady.

And when it is said and done,

We will stand again,

Strong as before.


Cracks like streams cover the surface.

Rivers following the lines carved by emotion.

It is dark, you say, but how does swallowing the sun resurface as darkness when there is heat seeping from you pores?

Touch me, I say, feel where life has stretched me and where pain has cut me.

Allow your lips to trace the love that covers my surfaces,

Allow your lips to feel the very surface that consumes me.


The finger prints of your abuse taint an area I can’t see nor touch.

How unfair is it that I have no way to heal my wounds,

To bondage them with my own fists,

Nurture them with soft fingers?

Yet I is how you held me captive as you took something that was not offered,

You took something that was not yours to take.

The outline of your hand will forever be etched into my back.

 It doesn’t matter how many times loving hands stoke it, how many times my lovers lips sooth the surface, how many times I feel the muscles ripple in strength, how many times I bare my back to the world, how many times I reassure myself that my back is still mine.

Your hand will forever be etched into it.

But with this back I will use muscles stand tall,

Never hunching, for that is how you forced yourself on me as you took advantage of my own strength.


My lips are the greatest mask of them all.

They tremble as words of strength and power pour out.

Like the water in a rapid,

Pouring through the cracks,

Wearing rocks down to pebbles.

So my lips thin as they push out words,

Rapids consume lips,

An upside down waterfall gushing from my heart.

They sacrifice for the nourishment that water provides to all.