“Purse.pective.” by Katie Corcoran

men women and children value what I hold

the new perspective I bring to your day

with every step you take, I take alongside you

I venture through this journey of life with you

not as an equal but rather an accessory to your success

I will gladly be there

the time we spend together is unmatched.

days, weeks, months, seasons, years, decades

trusting me to hold the things that matter most and those things that don’t matter at all

things you forget for weeks on end I hold for you, because you entrusted them to me

we go everywhere together, never apart

I look forward to being in your arms

you walk past better looking, and prettier versions of me,

but you don’t pay them attention because

I have done everything in my power to help make your life easier

I look up at you with such admiration knowing you can achieve anything with me by your side

I have stood by you and you for me

bringing my perpetual perspective

until next time