“Clouds” by Kyle Floyd

This world is like a cloud in the sky, too high on blue 9

Too bad that blue they smoking turns a different hue with motion

This world moves on from bad to worse, false remorsing

And claims to care while it dissipates over the cool ocean

Nowhere to be seen when there’s commotion, but after it heats up it reappears like someone poked it

Mad that no one was there to do something

So let’s do something

Refuse nothing that allows this cloud to rain again

Shower down why don’t you on the hours we spend on the weekends and the week outs just trying to figure this cold front out

So grab your coats and sweaters because sometime somehow there will be a change in the weather

A thunderstorm can’t last forever

The sun creeps just over the horizon, from the east end

And sets west, no need for timing on the front end of this new era

If you don’t believe me then I dare ya to tell me the value of clock without someone to wear her.

Your day from night should be pretty clear

The contrast on this cloud reflects like a mirror.

You influence the world.

Know your sunrise from your sunsets

The lighting is crucial.

Same cloud, different portrait