“Chasing Clouds” by Band of Shadows


Band of Shadows:

Our little band was formed at the shadow seven (CS-07) Charge of quarters desk. Whenever Abbie or Christen had a CQ shift to sit, we would all come together to cover famous songs that complimented all string instruments. We base our style mainly off of the band, the lumineers and try to incorporate these songs with styles of  bluegrass, folk/indie music ranging from ed sheeran’s, coldplay and one republic songs.

Cellist: Christen Dahl – Christen started on the piano but switched to mastering the cello around the fifth grade. She loves playing all types of music but classical music is her favorite.

Guitarist and Vocals: Matthew Manzano – Matt started playing the guitar and singing around freshman year of high school. Matt has written three other songs besides this one and like to do covers of songs on youtube.

Mandolinist: Abbie Davenport – Abbie started playing mandolin when she was 10 years old and joined a bluegrass band a year after. She also enjoys playing the banjo and guitar. Bluegrass and folk music are her favorite, but she also enjoys various other genres such as country and singer/songwriter.

Chasing Clouds:

Songwriter: Matthew Manzano – Matt wrote this song for his final English project in 211. This song came as an inspiration from reading the novel by Oscar Wilde The Picture of Dorian Gray with its focus on the Aesthetic movement and Victorian Era. Matt combined this with some ideas of the sublime from Mary Shelley’s Novel Frankenstein and Percy Shelley’s poem Mutability.

Chasing Clouds attempts to focus on young romance with a couple cuddling together in a bed or room setting.

The song focuses on the silence between both couples laying there late at night or early in the morning, with both individuals coming to an understanding that like everything else in life this moment will go and cease to exist as quickly as clouds change and go away.

Matt tries to make some parallelisms with things that are in the sky such as the sun, moon, rain and clouds and tries to compare it to the couples feelings and senses.

Upon composing the music, Christen and Abbie offered arrangements that invited the cello and the mandolin to offer different depths of music within the song. The cello became the wind oohing and aahhing while the mandolin gave almost a twinkling feeling of the lights and rain and a ticking feeling of the clock.



Chasing Clouds

By Band of Shadows

Verse 1:


We Rest,

Your ear falls on my arm.

A Dream keeps both us waking

Poisons sleep

But I know,

When the sun invites itself

Through your window,

Restlessly the moment will go Awaaaayyyyy, Ah

Change your clothes and goooooo, oooooh



We are as clouds,

Each other chasing, making shapes

We are as Rain

Down racing, gracing, painting pavements


Verse 2:


We Rise,

Thoughts ruin the day

That we both wander through on our own.

But I know

When clouds unveil the midnight moon

And your radio,

Fades out the night it closes rouuuuunndddd.

Off your clothes and stayyyyyy.



Chasing the things that

Seem so beautiful.

Nothing can cure the soul

But the senses, but the senses. X 2


Third verse :

But I know,

Theres so many things that are more precious

Cause they don’t have to last soo, longgggggg.



We are as clouds,

Each other chasing, making shapes

We are as Rain

Down racing, gracing, painting pavements