“A Story to Tell” by William Ragland

You see I have a story to tell, but I don’t know where to begin well let me start at the present and reflect back toward the end.

Often times we go through a day wondering what life seems to hold

If that statistic will be our statistic or just some strange form of “guy code”.

You see we do not truly figure out who we are until we dig deep and erect the sensualities of our propensities.

As we soar through a jungle as someone never to be known, whose birthplace and endpoint would never be condoned?

Well is life some kind of lampshade made to appear bright or a disguised, but distinguished characteristic not offered on the black market even when it feels oh so right.

And then we arrive at this unknown word called L-O-V-E.

Yea we have all dibbled and dabbled, taste to see if lies that have been told are what we would become and what we would be.

BOOM, BOOM!! My HEART paces at 165 beats per second.

HAH! Not because I saw her, but because I thought she cared

Not because she knew me, but because I thought…. I was just plain scared.

As if a snow cone that never seemed to melt her heart caused mine to tremble at what appeared to be love that I felt.

Naw maybe that wasn’t the case, maybe it was just to good to be true.

Like a deer in the headlights did she drive me or was it merely a souvenir for one simply titled YOU.

Is it simply a connotation of aggravation of pain that we all see.

Or like waking up early that morning hanging around to discover that there is only one present under the tree.

And though I’m not in contact and the further she goes the less I see.

So I use a lacrosse interlock stringing pattern of my heart and tie down my emotions just to have another restart and say PLEASE…. Can we?

Well I think I have it now and I think I just figured it out.

Maybe it’s because my parents are divorced or because my sister isn’t here or when my lil bro forgets my birthday since we haven’t spoken in a few years.

But hey you say smile Jacob it will all work out.

I choose not to use that as an excuse, not to complain, not to mope, or even pout.

But as laconic as that may seem it is ALL so true.

That as love cries hate tries to pull against the grain of an indescribable character that can never be attained.

Who will love me for me?!!

Not for what I have done or what I will become

But Who will simply love me just for ME?

Because no one has shown me what love…

What love really means

So I’ve searched and I’ve chased, only to end up with nothing.

But when Christ found me I became a new creature…  I became a something

Because he knew my beginning before I could even fathom the end.

You see as I said before I have a story to tell, but I don’t know where to begin well let me start at the present and reflect back toward the end.