A [Digital] Magazine of Cadet Creative Works

Editor’s Note

In 1965 the first edition of Icarus was published by Tony Dater and Dave Zink. Originally Icarus was a journal of recognition for technical skills and imagination demonstrated through academic essays. In 1968 three English professors revived Icarus to be a “the vehicle for recognizing the best of cadet’ creative writing efforts.” As the years went on, Icarus grew by accepting drawings, painting, and photographs from cadets on top of poetry, short stories, and the occasional essay. In 2011, Icarus was published strictly online – there is reason to believe it was earlier in the 2000’s but the websites or editions were not preserved. Or, they are floating around on a hard drive or unknown web page. This year I am so pleased to announce that Icarus has grown a little more. Icarus Interlude features the musicians in the cadet wing who have composed their own songs to include lyrics and instrumentals.

The Greek myth of Icarus (to be continued)

I would like to take time to give a special thank you to Capt Katherine Witt for her guidance and support this year with Icarus. Professor Newmiller for his technological expertise with helping establish this website and provide me with endless assistance creating the page. Lt Col Goolsby for his advise on how to make selections as Chief Editor and how to organize the journal. Of course I could not forget my editing team who put in hours of work to reviewing each and every submission we received. Thank you to Kaleb Naylor and Avery Evans who put in a ton of time, energy, and resources into creating Icarus Interlude. I would like to thank all of the cadets who submitted their creative works. This year, we had over 200 individual submissions from over 100 cadets. Though we cannot include all the wonderful, creative works that were submitted, the Icarus  team would like to strongly encourage cadets to continue exploring their creative side.

It has been a great honor to be the Chief Editor this year. Working with all the talented and dedicated creatives has brought great joy to my life, especially my last year at the Academy. I have learned so much from this experience.

Keep writing, keep drawing, taking photographs, singing, playing your instrument.

Your talents make you, you.

Macy Miller

Class of 2018, ZAMP!